Meet the Founder

I’m an integrative pediatrician and a mama to three young children — I know how busy life is when you’re raising tiny humans. Sifting through all the information on the internet is daunting and time-consuming. As a parent who wants the best for their child, it’s hard to read through marketing campaigns and find truthful information. You want to help your child succeed and you would give them the world if you could — but you also want to make sure you’re spending your hard-earned money on the real deal.

That’s why I created MotherWit Wellness: To provide a direct-to-family service delivering the highest quality, safe, evidence-based supplements and integrative techniques designed to optimize your child’s developing brain and body. We set a new standard for quality and innovation in providing superior quality products and integrative pediatric insights to families like yours. We make it easy for you to nurture your child’s health and streamline the process of giving your child the best combination of nutrients and wellness practices that actually provide clinical benefits. No matter what stage your child is in, we empower you to help them reach their fullest potential. 

I want to spread my reach to assist more families like yours, by providing you with effective, quality supplements and nutrients that your kids will like, in the form of supplements that are sourced from the highest quality ingredients.

I’ve taken my knowledge from my clinical experience working with patients, medical research, and extensive literature reviews and translated this to provide the best supplement bundles that give families the results they want, without needing to wait in line to see a doctor. I am one of the only fellowship-trained, integrative pediatric, board-certified physicians in the United States and want to make sure as many families as possible can benefit from my expertise. I’m excited to embark on this journey with you. 

More About Dr. Brittany Blockman

Dr. Brittany Blockman, MD, MA, FAAP is a renowned expert in integrative pediatric care, with a focus on natural, evidence-based approaches to childhood health. She is one of the few fellowship-trained, board-certified integrative pediatricians in the US, and she has spent over a decade optimizing the health of children, including those with physical, mental, and neuro-developmental conditions. She has conducted thousands of integrative pediatric visits, helping children of all ages maximize their brain and body health and cultivate lifelong wellness. She knows which specific processes get the best results.

As the visionary behind MotherWit Wellness and
MotherWit Integrative Medicine, she offers products and services that resonate with parents who prioritize mindful, intentional child-rearing. Dr. Blockman’s significant contributions include establishing the UCSF Osher Center’s Integrative Pediatric Chronic Illness Clinic and leading St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Integrative Medicine Program. Recognized for her child health advocacy by the American Academy of Pediatrics and clinical excellence by the selective AOA Medical Honor Society, she boasts advanced training from prestigious institutions, including UCSF, Princeton, and Harvard.

Beyond her professional accolades, Dr. Blockman is a nature-loving mama who can be found getting messy in the garden or the kitchen with her three children. Partnering with her means aligning with a genuine advocate for your child’s holistic well-being.


“Dr. Brittany has made a huge difference in both my kids, who live with complex, chronic health conditions. She helped us find optimal levels of wellness through her integrative and holistic approach to health care.”

Nancy (Mom)

“Dr. Brittany is hands-down the best doctor any of my children have ever seen! My child’s health has improved dramatically since implementing her recommendations. It’s been life-changing for my child, which has a positive effect on our entire family. I cannot overstate how wonderful she is!”

Anonymous (Mom)

“My teen child struggles with anxiety. Dr. Brittany’s sensitivity and experience, her willingness to look at the whole child and all their needs, including medical challenges was instrumental in helping us. She is an exceptional doctor.”

Holly (Mom)

“Dr. Brittany takes a holistic approach to care that allows her to really see and treat my entire child – mind, body, and spirit. Her holistic approach combined with her expertise in integrative medicine has allowed my family to maximize our wellness.”

Anonymous (Mom)

“Dr. Brittany is an exceptional example of what doctors should all be! She is empathetic, caring, detailed, and engaged in finding a solution! I am beyond thrilled that my child is under her care and look forward to many years of working together.”

Anonymous (Mom)

“I credit Dr. Brittany with turning my life around. She helped me with many treatment suggestions, then changed my mindset from simply accepting that my illness was a part of my life, to a strong motivation to improve my health and get back to where I was before I got sick.”

Emil (15-year-old)

“My children live with chronic health conditions and see a lot of medical providers. Both my girls talk about how different Dr. Brittany is from other providers and look forward to seeing her.”

Anonymous (Mom)

We believe children deserve the best start in life.

We want to be your trusted ally in empowering you with the tools to nurture your growing child’s brain and body health from the earliest stages.

We started this company because we want your wildest dreams for your child to come true.

Our ultimate goal is to support parents in raising little humans who reach their greatest potential.
The latest science tells us there are many natural ways to cultivate exceptional brain and body health from the earliest stages. We want you to have the greatest opportunity to help your children grow into their happiest, healthiest, brightest selves.

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We’re setting new standard for superior quality and innovation with our science-backed natural products.

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Potent formulas with superior ingredient levels

No artificial ingredients, binders, or fillers

No added sugar & hypoallergenic ingredients

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