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Natural Solutions to Elevate Your Growing Child’s Health

Science-backed, premium natural products to superpower young brains and bodies from womb to dorm room.

How MotherWit Wellness Can Help You

Discover safe, natural approaches to optimal child health, designed by an integrative pediatric expert.

Natural Solutions for Child Health

Boost focus, calm, mood, immunity, energy and more, without medication and backed by research. Whether you have a healthy child or one who is struggling, we can help your child thrive.

Essential Building Blocks
for a Healthy Life

Ensure your developing baby or child receives the pivotal nutrients to build exceptional mind and body health.  We go beyond basic vitamins to help your growing child reach optimal wellness.

Empowered and
Confident Parents

Sifting through all the advice on the internet can be daunting. Step confidently into mindful parenting, equipped with our expert pediatric insights. We did the scientific research, so you don’t have to.

Insight from 10+ Years in Integrative Pediatrics

MotherWit Wellness is founded by the leading national expert on evidence-based, integrative and natural approaches to holistic child health. While others in the industry make products with bare minimums, artificial ingredients, and questionable efficacy, we never compromise on potency, purity, and scientific value.

Brittany Blockman, MD, MA, FAAP
Founder and CEO

Discover our products

Our kits provide the best quality blend of nutrients to boost your child’s health from the earliest stages, starting prenatally. Feel confident you’re giving your growing child the most important nutrients to reach their potential.

Prenatal Supplement Kits & Products 

Start where it all begins to lay the best foundation.
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Kid Supplement Kits & Products

Superpower your child’s developing brain and body at all stages. 
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Our values


We insist on potent formulas, while other products often contain bare minimums, fillers, and binders.

Clean + Pure

We use the highest quality ingredients.  No added sugar, cavity-causing gummies, dyes, or artificial junk.


Our products are all 3rd-party tested after they’re made in an SQF-certified facility adherent to cGMP. 


You’re a busy parent. We streamline getting the best nutrients into your child’s body, delivering direct to you.


We believe in truth in labeling. You always get exactly what we claim. No fillers or watered-down formulas.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re here to support your family’s health journey. If you’re happy, we’re happy. You may cancel subscriptions anytime.

The MotherWit Wellness PROMISE

We stand for Quality, Purity, Safety, & Evidence.

Most child supplements & vitamins on the market are essentially candy with suboptimal amounts of the nutrients needed to build healthy brains and bodies for children. They are often made with unhealthy chemicals like artificial dyes, additives, and processed sugar that counteract the health benefits you’re trying to produce for your child.

We offer clean and potent formulas with a deep focus on safety, that provide more targeted benefits based in the scientific literature. Our expertly-crafted pediatric supplement kits are made from premium ingredients and delivered directly to you, ensuring your children receive the pivotal nutrients that often elude them in daily diets.



Safety & Evidence

10 Harmful Household
Products to Ditch

Download our checklist of items to remove in order to set your home environment up for optimal health for your family.

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